Judge Rules in Favor of Martin and Indian River Counties in All Aboard Florida Case

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Judge rules in favor of Martin and Indian River Counties in All Aboard Florida case

Statement on behalf of Martin County legal consel, Steve Ryan:
In the ongoing litigation filed by Indian River and Martin County plaintiffs in U.S. District Court in Washington DC, a status conference of counsel was held Monday before the Hon. Judge Cooper, and on Tuesday morning the Court issued an Order permitting the Counties to obtain the expedited discovery they sought regarding AAF’s finances, and its claim it can fund the project if public subsidy bonds are not available. The Counties look forward to obtaining AAF’s documents. Even with an expedited schedule, it is expected to take several weeks to complete this round of discovery. AAF has requested a protective order to prevent any public disclosure of its financial information, and to the extent it is confidential, the Counties lawyers agreed to maintain this confidentiality.
The Court also dismissed at this time the AAF’s and DOT/DOJ’s Motions to Dismiss the Counties cases, and will not consider such motions again until the discovery is completed and if they are refiled.
We will continue to update you as events unfold.
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