Jacqui Thurlow Lippish appointed to Governors Board of SFWMD

Jacqui Thurlow Lippish appointed to Governors Board of SFWMD

Martin County, Fl- I have to write this as blog post because the last thing I am today is objective.

Before the discharges in 2013 a friend of mine recommended I speak to Jacque about the water issues. We sat at the corner of Ocean and Indian River Drive. The restaurant we were going to go to was closed. We sat in the rain for hours. Jacque talked. I listened. What continuously went thru my brain is “How could all this be possible?”

In 2013 I quickly learned not only was this possible but probable.

Jacque and Mark Perry

Jacque and Mark Perry


Since that day we have all been thru a lot. Three main events. Massive documentation. Groups coming together and working together. Some splitting apart. But even in that split the main focus has always been fixing the water.


I have not shed a tear for all those years and this afternoon listening to our Governor Ron Desantis appoint Jacque Thurlow Lippish to the Governors Board of the SFWMD I felt all the energy shift.  The tide turned. I had visual flashes of all the people that have worked so hard. I became overcome with emotion and started to cry and could not stop. Tears of Joy.

Our journey is not over. We are in a new place. We have our Governor, our congressman, multiple local elected officials, the community all standing together for clean water.

Our next journey is to stand up and have the backs of all these people working for our Florida.

Jacqui Thurlow Lippish -we have your back! Mazel Tov on this fantastic appointment.

Thank you Congressman Brian Mast for your role in making this happen. Governor Ron Desantis thank you for appointing Jacque and all your appointments to our board. We can truly have a #freshstart. #thetidehasturned



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