IRC Golf ball diver attacked by alligator

IRC Golf ball diver attacked by alligator.

On July 7th,  Scott Lahodi was diving for golf balls.  He was attacked by an alligator at Rotunda Gold and Country Club in Charlotte County. Then, he was rushed to the hospital Friday after the alligator reportedly bit him in the arm.

Scott is from Vero Lake Estates in Indian River County.

Lahodi’s son has created a Go Fund Me Page. They are hoping to raise 100,000.

On July 7, my dad, Scott Lahodik, Marine, Husband, and Father of seven children, was working in South Florida as one of only a handful of professional golf ball retrieval experts at a golf course, when he was severely attacked by a 10 foot alligator. The gator grabbed his left arm and took him into a “death roll”. My dad was miraculously able to get free from the gator but suffered major blood loss, extensive damage, and is in tremendous amounts of pain. My dad is self-employed and the only wage earner of our family, which means he will not be able to work until his arm has totally healed.

The family expects medical treatment will cost thousands of dollars.



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