Indian River Shelters Hurricane 2018

Indian River Shelters Hurricane 2018

Here are the shelters that were open last year. We will update will 2018
  • Freshman Learning Center, 1507 19th Street
  • Oslo Middle School, 480 20th Avenue SW
  • Sebastian River Middle, 9400 CR 512
  • Fellsmere Elementary School, 50 North Cypress Street
  • Liberty Magnet, 6850 81st Street
  • Treasure Coast Elementary, 8955 85th Street

What to bring to a Hurricane Shelter

  • Water
  • Food
  • Clothing and bedding
  • Personal items
  • Medications
  • First-aid supplies
  • Important papers
  • Miscellaneous items like games, toys, battery powered radios, flashlights, batteries

The Indian River Special Needs Shelter

Special Needs Shelter

The Emergency Management Division is the agency assigned to register all potential clients for the Special Needs Shelter. When activated, the Special Needs Shelter is operated by a combined effort of the Fire RescueDivision, Indian River County School District, and the Indian River County Health Department. Anyone who feels they may need special medical assistance during a hurricane event should request an application as soon as possible. You may call 772-567-2154 to receive all the information you need to apply for the Special Needs Shelter.

After receiving your application, our medical staff reviews the application to make sure the assistance you require is available at the Special Needs Shelter. In some cases, an applicant is referred to one of our local hospitals for assistance because the medical condition exceeds the ability of our shelter. If you application meets our criteria, you will be provided instructions on what to do should a hurricane threaten Indian River County. Also, if you simply need transportation assistance we can also make those arrangements.

The special needs shelter brochure

The application for the special needs shelter

The application in Spanish-

Pet Friendly Shelter

Here is a link to last years information regarding Indian River’s Pet Friendly Shelter

Here is list of what you need to bring.

Checklist of Supplies To Bring to the Shelter (For your Pet) In addition to the items you need to bring to the shelter for your own comfort please remember to pack the following items for your pet:

 Properly-fitted collar bearing pet’s current license and identification tag

 Leash

 Portable crate/carrier for your pet – large enough to comfortably accommodate your pet with bedding, food/water bowls and litter plan (if applicable)

 Food/water bowls

 A two-week supply of water and pet food in a watertight container

 Up-to-date health records including:  A recent photo of you with your pet  Proof of rabies and county license (it is encouraged that you consult with your individual veterinary health care provider for recommendations about the use of additional vaccines for the optimal immunity for your pet against contagious disease.

 Your pet’s medications – at least a one month supply  For cats: Cat litter pan with cat litter and/or newspapers, litter scoop, and plastic bags for feces disposal

 Toys and healthy treats and towels

 First aid supplies

Checklist of Supplies To Bring to the Shelter (For Yourself)

 Two blankets and a pillow for each person, along with lawn chairs, cots or sleeping bags  Prescription medications and first-aid kit

 Two or three changes of clothing per person

 Special dietary needs, as well as favorite non-perishable snacks

 Battery operated radio, flashlight (extra batteries)

 (Copies of) Important documents such as: Proof of residence, ID, medical history, insurance papers, emergency contact information, tax documents, etc.

 Personal hygiene items, such as: soap, towel, toothbrush/paste, etc.  Small toys, games and books

 Baby supplies, such as: diapers, bottles, formula, etc

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