Indian River Deputy deescalates agitated man in  Walmart parking lot

Indian River Deputy deescalates agitated man in  Walmart parking lot

Indian River, Fl (  An Indian River Deputy de-escalated an agitated man in  Walmart parking lot.

From the Indian River Sheriff:

A person who attempted suicide in the Vero Beach Walmart parking lot this week was thwarted through the training and teamwork of deputies who responded to what was a shoplifting call.

Dep. Deleon responded to the Walmart on State Road 60 on Feb. 15 in reference to a shoplifting incident. She was able to follow the suspect into the parking lot and attempted to get the person to return to the store.
He became defensive and immediately confrontational with the deputy. He told her he was not to going to return to the store, and when Dep. Deleon called for backup, he told her he was suicidal and was going to cut himself.
He then revealed an edged weapon and started to cut both of his wrists while yelling at the deputy.
Because of her training, Dep. Deleon did exactly as she was trained. She stepped back, created space and utilized a nearby vehicle to provide cover from the male subject and herself. This tactic allowed her to have time and begin to talk with the subject.
Ultimately, he held the weapon to his neck and threatened to cut his neck. By then, Deputies Munni and Ferrer arrived on scene and began to use less lethal tools on the suspect. After multiple attempts, a Taser struck and was effective, causing him to drop the knife.
He was taken into custody and his wounds treated.
“This is an example of a great job by our deputies,” said Sheriff Eric Flowers. “The quick-thinking, clear-minded response by Dep. Deleon and the teamwork used by the other responding deputies shows our training, professionalism and equipment helped bring this critical and dangerous incident to a peaceful resolution.”
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