Indian River Cat Trappings Statistics for 2019

Indian River Cat Trappings Statistics for 2019

by Van DeMars


A few days ago, I submitted several Public Records Requests to the County Attorney’s Office of Indian River County. One of these requests was for Animal Control’s Cat Trapping Numbers for the calendar year 2019. I got the county’s (Animal Control’s) statistics today.

For the calendar year of 2019, there were 329 cats trapped by Animal Control.

There was a note from the County Attorney’s Office that said: “The record attached includes both animal control and some private owner traps.”

Soooooo, if there are an estimated 55,000 free-roaming cats in Indian River County, that means that Animal Control removed less than one percent of them in 2019. That means, not only did we not keep pace with all the births of these outdoor cats, it means that 55,000 number has risen substantially.

I took a screenshot of my calculator when I figured out the percentage of Animal Control’s trappings (329) against the estimated 55,000 free-roaming cats. It’s pretty shocking when you actually see it, versus me just telling you about it. Look at it….the first two numbers are ZERO. Animal Control (and some private traps) only got about half of one percent. That is very close to NOTHING.

Indian River Cat Trappings Statistics for 2019

Indian River Cat Trappings Statistics for 2019

With these type of statistics, you would think that the IRC Emergency Services Department, Animal Control and the Health Department would be begging Kate Meghji and the Humane Society to help them and take control of this program to get these numbers down. But that’s not the case at all. Miranda Hawker from the Health Department continues her crusade to stop TNR of any type and refuses to even acknowledge statistics like this.

Can any of you out there justify and defend these statistics. Am I missing something here? Is there another side to this coin? Come on people, let’s discuss this and get it out there. If you’ve got something to say, say it.

I’m going to be putting out a lot of hard core data like this in the next few weeks. It’s important for this information to get to our County Commissioners. Their main job is numbers so they can understand a number when the first two digits are ZEROES.

I’m not going to be using terms like “best practices” or “save rates” or “humane” because quite honestly, the former regime of Chalmers Morse has totally destroyed these terms for the people of Indian River County. They used these terms to lie to the public and conceal their true kill statistics (percentages). Unfortunately, these terms are no longer effective, and actually cause suspicion, but the when HSVB’s current leadership uses them, they actually mean them in the right way. So because of that, I’m going to try to put some straight common sense data in front of you. I just need you to SHARE these posts.

If you have any questions or want to talk about this, please don’t hesitate to contact me via text, call or private message on Facebook.

Van DeMars (772) 501-5197

p.s. I have a Word document from the county with every single trapping, to include the actual location and address of the trapping. If you would like a copy of it, please email me at


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