If you find a lost pet call animal control! Here’s how!

If you find a lost pet call animal control!

Thanks to Melissa McInturff  for  writing this. After doing years of rescue and finding some pets literally around the corner who may have been  taken in a dog during a thunderstorm and no one ever tried to find the owner! I’m not sure why people do not understand this.
This is vitally important after a hurricane or any kind of disaster. We started seeing this after Katrina and we still see it. Rescue groups go to these places and bring back pets to adopt without trying to find the owners. A lot of us spoke out and did change things but it still happens.

So here are  some easy things to do for lost and found pets:

From Melissa

Just an FYI – I am starting to see an influx of comments like, “I’ll take the pet if you can’t find the owner.” Or, “I’m looking to adopt that same breed.”
Rehoming a found animal is considered theft. Not to mention, morally wrong.

When you find an animal, please contact your local animal control department to report the animal as found as well. Please keep in mind, not everyone has Facebook. Animal control will come scan for a chip and try their darndest to locate an owner.

Also, all animal control departments in City of PSL, Martin County (which includes City of Stuart) St. Lucie County and the City of Fort Pierce bring strays to the following shelters for intake, medical evals and behavioral evaluations and ultimately, adoption:
City of PSL: Humane Society of St. Lucie County – Glades Cut Off Road, PSL
St. Lucie County: intake/holding facility TBD from what I understand
City of Fort Pierce: Sunrise Humane Society – Savanna Road, Fort Pierce
Martin County/City of Stuart: Treasure Coast Humane Society – Leighton Farms Road, Palm City
No animal control department euthanizes animals. Peridot. And if AC picks up your animal, remember..it’s your responsibility to make sure your pets are not wandering the streets – you MAY or may NOT have to pay an impound fee. If asked to pay an impound fee, remember, you catch more bees with honey than you do with vinegar.
Thank you!
Ps, pic for attention – she’s one of my dogs and she’s not missing. Meet Dolly Marie Nubbins – surrendered to the HSSLC in May of last year with her Momma, Daddy and sister. Dolly has no front paws and we just fell in love with her the first time we met her.
We share lost and found pets from these groups everyday. This is where you should post.
Here is a link to the rescue I wrote. It may be out of date but it has loads of resources.
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