How the Right Home Decor Can Make Your Home Look and Feel More Inviting

Turning a house into a warm, inviting home can be difficult at times. While considering what decor choices to make, there are a few major influences to consider.


Nothing sets the tone of any space more than the lighting. For areas that need a lighting boost, consider using lamps set at different heights throughout the room. Having a mix of floor and table lamps makes those small, dim corners seem more spacious and usable. Light bulbs come in many shades, so play with them to find what works best with your decor and needs.


When setting up the furniture for a room, consider the area from a guest’s point of view. A clear, open path between rooms and gathering areas will make them feel more comfortable moving around, as well as minimizing the potential for accidents and spills. This can sometimes mean opting for smaller tables, or incorporating some hideaway furniture that can be adjusted for the size of the gathering.


Even the most uncomfortable furniture can be improved with the right accents. You can find great deals on home accents by using online coupons. Add a few thick throw blankets to couches for extra comfort and warmth. Throw pillows or tie-on cushions can turn a hard chair into the favorite seat in the room. Blemished or mismatched tables can be softened up with a tablecloth, which also lets you customize the room’s color profile.


This can sound simple, but may prove tricky in rooms that see more regular use. Shelves, mantles, and tables often end up stacked with common day-to-day items. When eliminating clutter isn’t possible, hide it with larger baskets, drawers, or by adding doors to lower shelf space. Small baskets keep keys, mail, and extra cords out of sight, which makes the rest of the house seem that much bigger and organized.


Last, but definitely not least, take a deep breath. Strong odors can accumulate from pets, trash, and shoes, so keep these items away from living and dining areas when possible. Scented wax candles and flowering plants can help keep the occasional stale odor from dominating your home. When possible, allow fresh air to circulate throughout rooms.

When you first look at renovating or decorating a house, the decisions can seem overwhelming. However, by keeping these points in mind while setting up the rooms, any house can become a wonderful home for you and your guests.

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