During this difficult time of uncertainty and the governor’s order to “stay at home”, I find myself filled with a sense of calm reflection. Our homes are where our loved ones are. Our homes are where we feel a sense of safety. A house has walls, a roof, and belongings inside, but our homes hold our most precious thing to us….family.

We are overloaded with the news cycle about “the virus” and all that can befall us. I, like most of us, have found that I now have an opportunity to slow down and reconnect with my spouse, children, parents and siblings. I am not just asking my children “how did school go today?” I now actively participate in their learning process and experience their days with them. I see that there milestones of high school and college graduations will come and go without the normal fanfare, but will occur despite this abnormal time.

But, that’s the thing,… learning continues, graduations will happen. Our families will persevere and thrive with a newly found sense of what is important in life. Not the things we have, but each other. Our homes are more than walls, a roof and belongings; our homes are family. Houses are built, homes are made. I encourage everyone to reach out to friends and neighbors that may feel isolated or are in need of food or medicine. Your home has no boundaries.

Stay well and stay healthy.

Diane Lott, Broker

*The highest compliment you can give is when you feel you can refer a friend…
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