Healthier Men Have More Sex

If you’ve been a little lax about following your doctor’s advice to lose a few pounds or keep a tighter reign on your blood sugar or blood pressure, here’s a little “pill” of information he or she may not have given you:

Healthier men tend to have more sex.

In fact, research shows that regardless of age, men who are in better health engage in sex more often, have a more satisfying sex life, and enjoy a more vibrant libido. As an added bonus, these men tend to live longer.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • A ten-year study evaluated the health, sexual activity, and mortality of 918 middle-aged men. The men who reported having the greatest frequency of orgasm were found to have half the rate of death than those who experienced less orgasms.
  • A study in the British Journal of Medicine found that men at age 55 who were in excellent or very good health “on average gained 5-7 years of sexually active life compared with their peers in poor or fair health.”
  • Men who engage in more frequent sexual activity may also experience other benefits, such as a reduced risk of heart disease, pain relief, better urinary control, improved mood, enhanced sense of smell, fewer colds and flu, and weight loss.

Now the question is, how can you become healthier so you can enjoy a more active, healthier sex life? Naturally, it’s critical that you and your doctor address any medical issues that are hindering your quest. Now that you know some of the sexual health benefits, what are you waiting for?

Here are a few simple changes that will not only boost your sexual energy but your overall health to boot.

  • Choose the right diet. A general rule of thumb for a healthful diet is one that includes fresh, natural (organic when possible), whole foods and avoids refined, processed foods. A Mediterranean-style diet has been shown to be healthful for individuals concerned about diabetes, cardiovascular disease, brain health, osteoporosis, aging, and cancer. However, you should consult with a knowledgeable healthcare professional to identify the dietary plan that fits your unique needs and health status.
  • Avoid or reduce medications. You could hit up your doctor for a prescription for one of the several erectile dysfunction pills. However, there are at least two factors to consider. One, these drugs are associated with side effects (e.g., risk of heart disease and stroke, infertility, headaches, flushing). Another (and key to sexual satisfaction and health) is that these drugs don’t work unless they are triggered by emotional/psychological stimulation. And did you know that drugs prescribed to treat common health problems are associated with sexual dysfunction as a side effect. In fact, numerous medications prescribed for men’s health can result in ED.
  • Consider natural supplements. A number of natural supplements have been shown to improve libido, enhance sexual performance, and help with erectile function. Some of these include L-arginine, fenugreek, vitamin D3, resveratrol, and ginkgo biloba, among others. While you could take these supplements individually, they work best when combined in a natural supplement for sexual health.
  • Get sufficient exercise. Regular aerobic and strength building exercises are good for your heart, musculoskeletal system, brain, and sex life. Aerobics improve blood flow, boost testosterone levels, and enhance your mood with the release of endorphins. Add up these three benefits and you have better sex!
  • Don’t smoke or drink. Smoking constricts blood vessels, which in turn reduces blood flow. A small amount of alcohol may reduce inhibitions, but too much can kill your sex drive.
  • Relax. Unmanaged stress can boost cortisol levels. In response to the elevation of this stress hormone, your T levels can decline along with your sex drive.
  • Talk. Establish and maintain good communication with your sex partner. Satisfying, healthy sex begins in the brain. Keep the dialogue going and seek professional help from a therapist if necessary.
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