Handyman arrested for killing elderly couple in Martin County

Handyman arrested for killing elderly couple in Martin County

Martin County, Fl. (treasurecoast.com -The handyman was arrested for killing an elderly couple in Martin County.
55-year old John Manord of Stuart has been charged with two counts of first degree murder in the deaths of 81-year old Donald Smith and his 80-year old wife Lorraine.
Late yesterday afternoon, Manord gave a full confession to officials with the State Attorney’s Office and the Martin County Sheriff’s Office.
Manord was a prime suspect in the murder of the Smiths since their bodies were discovered on Friday, August 28th. Detectives arrested him on unrelated charges the next day. Manord has been in custody since.

Yesterday, Manord confessed to killing the couple. He told officials he needed money and intended on robbing them. Detectives were able to locate security camera footage of Manord walking to the Smith’s home on Wednesday, August 26th, the day Manord said he walked into the Smith’s home through an open garage door and attacked and killed the couple. Manord said he hid in bushes near the Smith’s home for almost two hours waiting for Donald to arrive home. Once he arrived, Manord carried out the attack.

Lorraine refused to comply with Manord’s demands and later bashed her over the head with a heavy glass bowl, according to investigators.

Donald Smith, who was inside the home taking a shower, heard the commotion and ran out to help his wife. Synder said Manord then struck Donald with the same bowl in the back of his head.

Both Lorraine and Donald died of blunt force and sharp force trauma.
Sheriff Snyder, in a press conference, said they were hit on the head with a heavy bowl and then their throats were slit.
Manord worked for the Smith’s on and off for about four years and was familiar with the couple, who frequently assisted him when he needed help. Johnny Manord was charged with two counts of first degree murder and one count of aggravated burglary.
Manord will be sentenced to three consecutive life sentences.
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