Grow Your Own Pineapples


Grow Your Own Pineapples.

The Treasure Coast has a history with pineapples. In 1895 Jensen Beach earned the  name “The Pineapple Capital of the World”, shipping one million boxes of the fruit. One agricultural catastrophe after another followed by cheaper produce from further south ended the pineapple industry by the 1930’s.

The good news, the Treasure Coast is still a great place to grow pineapples and it is easy to start a pineapple patch in your garden.

First, buy a pineapple. Cut the green top off, leaving about 1/2″ of the fruit behind. Let the top dry for 4 or 5 days. Place top in a 1 gallon container filled with potting soil and water just enough to keep the soil moist, then let dry between watering. In about a month, the plant will start to grow in the container. Time of rooting depends on the time of year, the top will start getting taller and putting on new leaves.

Rooted and Ready to Plant


When you notice the pineapple top is growing (new lighter green leaves appear), plant it in your garden. Sandy soil is ideal for pineapples and full sun. If soil in your garden is not well drained, move the pineapple to a bigger container. A 12″ diameter container will do nicely. They will flower and produce fruit in pots and an added benefit,  if freezing weather is expected may be moved inside.

In the Garden


This is a benign neglect sort of a fruit planting, after planting fertilize the pineapple with 13-13-13 continuous slow release plant food. Reapply per directions on fertilizer, water during dry weather. Erring on the side of dry. Then wait. This is not a fast producer of fruit, it takes 18 months to three years to get fruit. When a pineapple finally appears leave it on the plant until it begins to turn golden, then cut and leave any side shoots another set of smaller pineapples will appear from the shoots.




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