Good Timing! Stuart PD investigating lead to arrest of fraud suspect.

Good Timing! Stuart PD investigating lead to arrest of fraud suspect.

Stuart, Fl- A Stuart police officer investigating a case of fraud was in the right place at the right time to make an arrest.

On Monday, officials say Stuart Business Liaison Officer Corey Lee was at a RaceTrac service station viewing security video of a suspect in the case. They said he then noticed the vehicle on the security video looked like the same one at a gas pump.

The driver, identified as 37-year-old Javier Valdes-Camejo, was detained.  Police say a search turned up several stolen credit cards, fraudulently embossed gift cards and an extra aftermarket fuel tank underneath a Ford F-250.

Police arrested Valdes-Camejo.  He faces multiple charges including possession of fraudulent credit cards, criminal use of personal identification, and scheme to defraud.

Investigators say additional charges are possible.

Officer Lee seems to have a knack for good timing. While conducting surveillance at a gas station in March he noticed two suspects attempting to use stolen credit cards to buy fuel. Police say he ended up arresting the two men from Miami and recovering hundreds of gallons of fuel and more than 50 fraudulent credit cards.

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