GoFundMe for Robert by his mom Rachel Stevens

GoFundMe for Robert by his mom Rachel Stevens

We very rarely post GoFundMe but we are making an exception in this case.
Rachel Stevens is wonderful friend. She also is a wonderful friend to our community. We all need to help at this time.
In one instant a life was changed. No one has the right to do this to another human being,
Please take a moment to read and donate what you can. Every bit helps.

Please read remarks by

Rachel Stevens son was in a terrible car accident. He was hit by a drunk driver on the Stuart Roosevelt bridge and will have to have multiple surgeries to recover. She has set up a go fund me account for him to help with his expenses while he is in recovery. Please know that no amount of a donation is too small. It can be $2 or $100. Every little bit helps.

Rachel joined us this year and runs the CBD store in PSL, Divine Soul Wellness, where we had a drop off location. She volunteered at our event and donated a raffle basket from her store. She supports our community through many different organizations/groups and always answers the call to help. Please send Rachel and her son prayers and positive thoughts to get through this difficult time.

Hello, My name is Rachel, a Mom of 2 Amazing Grown Children and 3 Beautiful Grandchildren. On Friday, April 1, 2022, at 11:45 PM, I received a phone call no parent should ever have to experience…from the Trauma Unit.

They said, “Your son was in a motor vehicle accident and is being AirLifted to Our Trauma Hospital” My heart sank, my breath taken. As I prayed, Please, Universe, God, Our Angels, Our Divine Team- please let my son be ok and alive! To arrive at the hospital and see your child Immobile Bloody and Barely conscious-you have to keep yourself strong.

Robert was driving home over the Stuart Roosevelt Bridge from work when he was struck from behind by an Impaired 23 yr. old Drunk Driver.

GoFundMe for Robert by his mom Rachel Stevens

GoFundMe for Robert by his mom Rachel Stevens

The impact caused his car to roll over multiple times, hitting the bridge walls. We can’t imagine the fear he must have felt during this horrific time. In the process of the rollover, his arm and hand were mangled between the road and the car, causing his hand to be degloved (meaning all the skin, bones, tendons etc., were removed and damaged ) and his left arm with Road Rash from his Shoulder down. In addition, Robert has 2 neck fractures, C5 and C6, from the trauma of the impact; this could have caused him to be paralyzed..but Miracles happen!

We Thank the Civilians who got out of their cars to assist him! Also, the Fire Rescue Team that moved him to the nearest parking lot so the Helicopter could Air Lift him to the Hospital-They ALL helped save his Life!.

Robert will need multiple reconstructive surgeries on his hand and multiple skin grafting within time; his first surgery on April 3rd, 2022, has been successful so far. For his neck, they will continue to stabilize, monitor and hope he does not need surgery in the future. All other injuries are in their healing process. This day has changed his life forever…

Our goal is to allow Robert to begin his Physical and Mental Healing Journey without worrying about how he will be paying his rent, utilities, groceries, and the abundance of Medical Bills to come.

Please find it in your heart to donate any amount to help Robert focus on his health and life moving forward. Robert is just a 28-year-old hippie soul who enjoys fishing, nature trails, hiking, family, friends, animal lover and making others smile. He is passionate about helping the community and learning from others’ experiences.

Our family is so grateful Robert was Blessed and Protected during this horrific accident.
Please Drive Safely, Tell Your Loved Ones You Care, Hug One Another, Smile at Strangers, Count Your Blessings every day. Continue to Put Love and Light into the World. We Thank You from our Hearts for Your Support.
We will continue to post updates on Roberts Healing Journey.


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