Gas line cut in Martin County

Gas line cut in Martin County

Martin County, Fla- Crews is in Martin County accidentally cut a 6 inch gas line yesterday near Cove Rd. A nearby school had to be evacuated. Some restaurants were forced to close.
A Martin County deputy in the area actually made the discovery. According to Sheriff Snyder the deputy  heard hissing and then she smelled  gas.

Nearby businesses and restaurants are also impacted by the gas outage.

Fire rescue says the gas company is bringing in crews from across the state to help restore gas to the nearly 450 customers who lost it.

They are hoping to have service fully restored by the end of Tuesday.

The Martin County Emergency Operations Center went into partial activation yesterday.  They said the leak affected approximately 450 TECO customers.

You must be at the residence or business when they come to restore your gas

Here is what they want you  to know.

• A crew working construction punctured a 6-inch natural gas line along Cove Road around 9am Monday morning.
• A Martin County Deputy on routine patrol in the area, noticed a strong smell of gas in the area, and made contact with officials.
• Students who attend Anderson Middle School were evacuated and transported to Martin County High School for pick-up. All students are safe.
• No homes had to be evacuated.
• Martin County Fire Rescue and Haz-Mat Teams were called to the scene to monitor the situation.
• The Martin County Sheriff’s Office shut down Cove Road from Ault Road to Kanner Highway, setting up a unified command outside the Legacy Cove Community.


• Workers were able to crimp off the line and are working on a repair.
• The strong smell of gas will dissipate over time.
• 450-TECO customers are without gas, which includes 250 commercial and 200 residential customers.
• It could be several days before service is restored.
• Restoration will begin with hospitals, nursing homes, schools, businesses then residential communities.
• TECO will go door to door, business to business to make contact with those affected in an effort to assure service is restored in the quickest manner possible.
• ***Please ask for proper credentials when a service person comes to your home or business.
• Martin County EOC has established a Citizen Information Hotline at 287-1652. Please call that number if you have questions.

Jan 9,2018

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