Ft Pierce “Let Go” exchange leads to Gunfire

Ft Pierce “Let Go” exchange leads to Gunfire

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office has been warning residents about a recent trend of people being robbed after attempting to sell electronic devices through the app Let Go.

Now, there has been  a similar situation in Fort Pierce that led to an exchange of gunfire.

Fort Pierce Police say that on Monday night a 40-year old man and a 38-year old woman arranged to sell an iPhone through the Let Go app. They found a buyer, who said to meet them at an address in Fort Pierce. When they arrived, they were met by three men. The buyer said he wanted to inspect the phone, and all three took off running once they had the phone. The seller chased after them, saying that he had a gun.

Police say the suspects were also armed, and one of them turned and fired at the buyer. The buyer returned fire.

Most law enforcement agencies have a designated space outside of their facilities where you can safely meet to exchange items sold online.

And while the recent trend is for this type of crime to occur with transactions using the Let Go app, it can happen with any type of online transaction.




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  • Posted 5 years ago

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