Friends looking for missing Jensen Beach Woman (please share)

Friends looking for missing Jensen Beach Woman (please share)


Jensen Beach, Fl ( A group of friends from Jensen Beach are trying to find their friend.

Cynthia Sea (Cole real last name) was at Jammin Jensen last Thursday and has not been heard from since.

This is what they said:

Hi everyone. Wondering if anyone has seen or spoke to Cynthia Sea. She was at Jammin Jensen last week and that’s the last we have heard from her. I know a lot of us know her on here and that’s why I posting. It is very unlike her to just leave and go somewhere AND not respond to her friends. Has anyone seen or heard from her?

We’ve searched for her car around JB with no luck, searching beaches now. Called hospitals and jail and no luck.

She drives a dark gray Jeep Grand Cherokee.

LouAnn is main contact as she is primary contact with police. 631-745-7980 is her number.

Please email me if you have any more info. Please share.

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