Fort Pierce Pizza deliveryman shoots man trying to rob him at gunpoint

Fort Pierce Pizza deliveryman shoots man trying to rob him at gunpoint

FORT PIERCE — A  pizza deliveryman shot a man who tried to rob him at gunpoint during a delivery Sunday night. John Parker works for Goodfella’s Pizza. The shooting happened at 8:30 p.m. near the intersection of North 17th Street and Avenue I.

Prior to the incident, Parker couldn’t find an address. He called his store and was then told to return  because it probably was a fake order.

As he was driving by 1212 17th St., Marvin Reaves flagged him down for the delivery. The victim did a u-turn and pulled into the driveway.

As Parker walked with the pizza he “saw the silver tip from the (gun) barrel. He was told to hand over everything he had.

He pulled out $40. Reaves asked for more, including his cellphone.

 Parker returned to his car, got a pistol, loaded it and shot Reaves.

Reaves stumbled and fled toward North 16th Court.

The victim got into his car and called 911.

Police followed a blood trail to 1201 North 16th Court, where Reaves was found. He had three gunshot wounds and was taken to Lawnwood Regional Medical Center.

The gun Reaves used to threaten the victim turned out to be an airsoft pistol.

There are no charges  against John Parker at this time.

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