Former SLC Deputy faces new criminal charges

Former St Lucie County Sheriff Deputy Evan Cramer is facing new criminal charges.


St. Lucie County Sheriff Ken Mascara fired Cramer after his arrest  on a sexual battery charge.

Former St Lucie County Sheriff’s Deputy Evan Cramer had 12 documented reports of misconduct against him plus two write ups while a member of the Sanford Police Department. Cramer was a probationary officer there for less than a year. He was hired in March of 2015 and resigned in January of 2016.

Then he was arrested by his own St  Lucie County Sheriff. The charge was sexual battery on an adult 18 years of age or older. This happened after a female walked into the Lawnwood Regional Medical Center and said she had been sexually assaulted by a law enforcement officer.

During the initial investigation Cramer alluded to the fact that there were additional victims.  Sheriff Ken Mascara urged any victims to come forward.

Another Victim

On 1/26 another victim came forward.  She was frantic and scared. She made a statement about sexual activities with Cramer.

The victim was brought to the St Lucie County Sheriff’s office. She said she was riding her bike northbound in Ft Pierce when she was stopped by Cramer. Cramer told her that she has broken a bunch of laws like riding without a light. He then searched her purse. She had three insulin syringes. She told him she “does Dilaudids.” Cramer told her she could to jail for possession of the syringes and then he asked her”What are you going to do about it?.”  Then he asked how she was going to make this go away. He told her that instead of going to jail she could give him oral sex. Cramer then drove her to a beach area and they engaged in oral sex.

Afterwards, Cramer gave her his number to call “in case she gets in any kind of trouble.”
Them, on January 15th Cramer found her and told her he could not stop thinking about her. She was with a friend and afraid that people would think she was working with the police “in the hood.” The victim went with him again saying that was scared of what Cramer could do to her. She said that Cramer gave her “weed.”
On January 19th there was a third encounter after Cramer called her on her cell phone. She again gave him oral sex.  Then Cramer gave her some “weed.”
On January 24th there was a fourth and final encounter. The victim called Cramer to ask him how to obtain a restraining order.There were multiple calls from Cramer on her phone. She said she went with him again because she was scared.

Additional charges against Cramer include:
Sexual Assault-Sex Battery 18 year or Older by a person 18 year or Older and one county of Bribery-unlawful compensation.



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