Forbes Ranks Port St. Lucie Again for Potential Job Growth

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Forbes Ranks Port St. Lucie Again for Potential Job Growth

For the second year in a row, has recognized Port St. Lucie as one of the 10 best cities in the U.S. for job growth, saying that retiring baby boomers in Florida are creating an increasing need for services that create jobs.


Coming in 9th on the Forbes list, Port St. Lucie is projected to see a 3.7 percent increase in jobs over the next year. Five other Florida cities are on the list also, including Naples, which tops the list with its 4.6 percent projected growth in jobs.


Port St. Lucie has been getting increased attention nationally in recent years for its many successes and for its opportunities. It has been acknowledged by Bloomberg Business, Investor’s Business Daily, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and other organizations for job growth, potential business growth, housing growth and the quality of life available to residents.


See the story, dated July 29, 2015

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