Florida groups head to Texas to help

Florida groups head to Texas to help.

 Local Salvation Army volunteers are preparing for a two week disaster relief trip to Texas. The organization currently has an employee from the Treasure Coast already on the ground. Brian Baker from Vero Beach has assisted with several natural disasters. He said the damage and historic flooding in Texas looks like what he saw after Hurricane Katrina. On Tuesday afternoon, Baker was in the town of Belton in Central Texas where hundreds of evacuees are taking shelter.

Baker was one of the first units with the Salvation Army to arrive in Texas. He’s currently managing several warehouses in the areas hit hard by Hurricane Harvey.

Baker said he and other workers are staging large mobile field kitchens in areas clear of flooding. Smaller mobile kitchens get closer to the damage. He’s hoping storm victims in Houston and the surrounding areas know more help is on the way.

Florida wildlife officers have joined the Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts in Louisiana and Texas.

Colonel Curtis Brown says the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission already has 25 officers deployed in the flood zone and more help is on the way.

The primary mission now is rescuing flood victims and taking them to high ground. 

Miami Fire and Rescue Assistant Chief Scott Dean said he has been monitoring the news and preparing for an activation order.

The search and rescue teams are self-sufficient. They can be deployed for up to two weeks. Dean said South Floridians are no strangers to hurricanes and he hopes their expertise can help save lives.

Experts say it could take months before everyone is able to return to their homes.

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