FL Teen dead after falling off water slide in Wisconsin

A 16-year old teenager is dead after he fell off of a water slide at a Wisconsin theme park.

Addison Williams , his brother, and their friend were in a public area at the Mt. Olympus Water and Theme Park in Wisconsin Dells when they decided to jump a 7-foot fence and sneak into a portion of the park closed for the winter.

The three climbed to the top of a water slide, where the teenager tried to use a plastic saucer to slide down. However, the teen got caught in some snow. When he stood up, he slipped, falling nearly 35 feet to the ground.

First responders tried to revive the teen, but were unsuccessful. Police say that the family was on vacation in Wisconsin because they had never been around snow before.

Addison and his brothers attend Port St.Lucie High School.

There is a Go Fund Me Site setup to help with expenses.

From the Go fund me site:

“Our dear friend Steven “Squeek” Williams and his wife Stephanie and there family need our help!! While on vacation in Wisconsin , one of there sons (Addison) tragically lost his life in an accidental fall. The family is of course devistated and now in need of our help. The amount of money needed to get Addison back home to Florida and all of the other costs to come is unfortunately more than they have. We are asking everyone to please help by giving to this go fund me page. As we all know it is Christmas and a lot of us are with limited funds. But anything at all will help and if enough of us give, then we can surely make a difference for our friends in there dire time of need. Thank you, God bless you, and please cherish your family this Christmas.”




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  • Posted 7 years ago

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