Families Make Statement About Search Suspension -Find Austin & Perry


Families Make Statement About Search Suspension -Find Austin & Perry

The United States Coast Guard announced this morning that they would suspend their efforts at sundown today.

The families of Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen have issued the following statement regarding the suspension:

“On behalf of both families we would like to thank the US Coast Guard and other Federal government and local agencies in their relentless efforts to search and rescue our boys. Our families would also like to thank Chief Elg and his entire staff of the Tequesta Police Department for all of their continued efforts in the safe return of our boys.

Our families have been informed that the continued search and rescue efforts will be suspended at sunset this evening. We also have been ensured that the case is not closed and if pertinent details emerge or credible information comes forward that we will have the assistance of the US Coast Guard to investigate this information.

Our families’ are committed to continue the search and rescue efforts of our boys with the aid of volunteer pilots and aircraft. We would like to thanks Mr. John Travolta and countless other for their immediate assistance and personal concern for the rescue of our children, and we are extremely appreciative for the aircraft and pilots that they have donated for the rescue of our boys. We have established “The Perry and Austin Rescue Fund” which will continue to be utilized to fund private aircraft, boat fuel and any other additional resources needed for the immediate recovery of our missing boys.

We encourage those who are interested in joining the search efforts by land, air or sea to contact the following email address: findperryandaustin@gmail.com

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our families, friends, neighbors, colleagues, community, along with strangers from around the globe for your prayers and thoughts as well as all that have contributed to the Perry and Austin Rescue Fund to ensure the boys safe return. In addition, we would to thank our dear friend and neighbor Mr. Joe Namath for his support, friendship, concern and efforts in helping create awareness surrounding the safe return of Perry & Austin. ”

The families have also requested that the media respect their privacy as they continue to focus on their private search efforts.

If you would like to help fund the search, https://www.gofundme.com/perryandaustin

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