Everglades Trust Endorses Brian Mast for Congress

Everglades Trust Endorses Brian Mast for Congress

Stuart,Fl- Kimberly Mitchell, the executive director of the Everglades Trust stood on the banks of the St. Lucie River and endorsed Congressman Brian Mast for Congress.


“We watch congressman, senators, state senators, house members in Florida. No one has stood up like you have.” Mitchell said. “No one has learned the issues in Congress like you have.”

After being endorsed, Mast spoke about an important water bill the Senate is scheduled to vote on this week.


The measure includes the southern reservoir, which would move Lake Okeechobee water south of the lake instead of east and west.

Mast had this message for the Senate: “This is important infrastructure, it matters to the health and the human safety of communities like ours. So go out there, have a great vote on Thursday bring it to fruition because this is something  that matters to real people who are having their lives affected in very real ways.”

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