Election Morning! Do it Treasure Coast!

The latest Quinnipiac University Poll shows Hillary Clinton with a point lead over Donald Trump. They say the numbers look similar to those of the 2000 election when we all had wait for a month, thru several recounts and court challenges.
Some things have changed to prevent the confusion we saw. Florida Counties have to send early voting results to state officials within a half hour of the polls closing.

Millions of votes will be counted by 7:30 PM tonight

The polls open at 7am this morning and will close at 7pm. Make sure to tune in to both WPSL and WSTU tonight for our election coverage. They will be  following all of the local races, with CBS national news at the top of the hour and FNN news with state news at the bottom of the hour.

We have info on our County Pages on where your precinct is.

Let’s do this Treasurecoast!




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  • Posted 7 years ago

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