Drivers on Crosstown Parkway should see improved traffic flow

 Drivers on Crosstown Parkway should see improved traffic flow

Port St. Lucie, Fl ( Drivers on Crosstown Parkway in Port St. Lucie should experience improved traffic flow and fewer delays thanks to a new system that uses real-time data to coordinate traffic signals.

The new Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) is expected to optimize traffic patterns on Crosstown Parkway between Fairgreen Road and Floresta Drive by capturing current traffic demand data and using it to adjust signal timing for both the main corridor and side streets.

The system prioritizes east/west traffic over side street traffic. As a result, motorists on side streets may wait at a red light when it appears there is no opposing traffic.

Staff will continue to monitor and adjust the system to minimize side street wait times.

The same system was installed on St. Lucie West Boulevard in 2017. Studies in both 2018 and 2019 concluded the ATMS effectively lowered travel time and delays during this portion of St. Lucie West Boulevard during most of the year.

The equipment involved costs about $800,000 and wasn’t originally planned to be installed until 2028 and paid for by the half-cent sales tax revenue. However the City Council approved moving up the project timetable after construction of the Crosstown bridge was completed using funding from the Crosstown Parkway Extension Project.

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