DIY Yogurt Melts for the littles!


DIY Yogurt Melts for the littles!

It’s SNACK TIME – A yummy, healthy, sweet, cool, yogurt-filled snack time!

I must admit, before my son ate solids I always said I would NEVER give him sugar-filled treats like Gerber’s Yogurt Melts or even Cheerios. Well, it happened. Not so much the Yogurt Melts, but definitely Cheerios. I just love his little smile that comes after ever crunch. I can’t get enough of it!

But I was starting to feel really guilty. I want my son to eat healthy, I want him to be healthy, and make healthy choices! And although its hard to believe, I know it starts now. With snack time.

DIY Yogurt Melts for babies - a healthy treat! from Happy Girl, Happy World

So I looked up how I could make my own snacks and I found this post on Pinterest about making your own yogurt melts.  Why didn’t I think of this sooner? My only problem is that she used Yoplait, which in my opinion has a lot of added sugar and not a ton of nutritional value, but I totally understand that’s all she had on hand!


Anyways, using Sarah’s awesome idea, I formed my own yummy yogurt melts! The first time I made them I blended frozen strawberries with a banana and added Greek yogurt after the fruits were combined. It was great, but they were a little too tart and I was trying to think of a way to add more nutrition to them.  So the second time around, I made them with strawberries, bananas, and spinach! SO MUCH SPINACH! I added like 2 cups of spinach (may be an exaggeration), and you couldn’t taste it at all! Then, instead of Greek yogurt, I used Noosa – an all natural, organic, yummy yogurt. It’s not nearly as tart as the Greek Yogurt and is just as nutritious. Another thing I love is that it has healthy fat in it – greek yogurt is fat free and babies NEED fat!

healthy DIY Yogurt Melts for babies - a healthy treat! from Happy Girl, Happy World

So, once the Noosa yogurt was blended together with the fruit, I cut a slit in one of the corners of a sandwich sized ziplock bag and filled it with the yogurt. I lined a baking sheet with wax paper, made little yogurt blobs, popped them in the freezer. After about an hour they were cold enough to pop off and give to the baby! I was pleasantly surprised by how great they tasted this time around, and I loved knowing that there was an entire serving a vegetables in them!They were especially nice on a hot summer day.

DIY Yogurt Melts for babies - a healthy treat! from Happy Girl, Happy World

Like Sarah said, the only downfall with these is that they melt rather quickly. But I think it’s so worth it compared to the freeze-dried Gerber Yogurt Melts because these have way less sugar and they actually help with teething, too!

It’s so cute to see the babes reaction to the cold, and then the tart!


Side note: these also make for really tasty adult treats, too – and they’re healthy!

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