Deputies say it was Excited Delirium

The theory by investigators that 19 year old Auston Harrouff could fight off  off multiple deputies and a K9 deputy before he was subdued is called  “excited delirium.” This is what is  used to describe people typically on synthetic drugs, commonly known as bath salts or Flakka.

From the outside it appeared that Harrouff was a normal 19-year old college kid, his family knew something was wrong.

Mina Harouff called 911 after her son Austin walked out on a family dinner earlier in the evening. But his strange behavior had been happening for awhile leading up to the eventful evening.

Authorities are waiting on the test results to determine if Austin was high on flakka or bath salts. Initial tests for marijuana and cocaine came back negative, and his body temperature indicated that it was unlikely he was under the influence of flakka

Here is a video uploaded by someone named Bri bri. In here he talks about not taking steroids but it’s not clear if he had been taking them in the past. Steroid use can also cause psychosis. 

I’m not saying he was taking steroids because we do not have evidence of that because you can clearly hear him talking about it here.

Steroids can take a perfectly normal person and push them over the edge.


The news is reporting that there may have been signs of mental illness. They did this way back with Trish talking about her journals and we saw how that panned out.  The jury is still out around here. Sometimes people have a mental health  gene and something like drugs will bring it to the forefront and sometimes drugs just make people psychotic. So let’s not jump to any conclusions. If you have mental illness in your family you should definitely tell your kids they cannot take recreational drugs. Not that anyone should but this makes them a high risk.

This was a horrible murder but filled with randomness and I don’t think we’ve gotten to the bottom of this yet.

Harouff remains in St Mary’s Hospital and is highly sedated.

Martin County Sheriff’s Office and the State Attorney’s office continue to work on the case to determine what charges to bring against him. A police report on the attack is expected to be released.





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