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Blog Series | Four Core Values of a Great Real Estate Agency – Quality #2: Market Knowledge

Market Knolwedge

Blog Series #2

Quality #2: Market Knowledge

You would never travel without a sense of direction and your final destination. Why buy and sell real estate with an agency that can’t navigate the local market? Knowledge of the market – whether buying or selling – is critical to your success. From introducing you to up and coming investment markets to advising you on market activity in your own neighborhood, a good real estate agency should have a veteran’s knowledge of the lifestyle and communities you are interested in.

Sellers: An agency with strong market knowledge can advise you of current market trends and precise pricing strategies. They can show you comparable homes that have been bought and sold in your area. Associates are connected within the community and can bring buyers to the table. The experienced and knowledgeable team of agents of Dale Sorensen Real Estate, Inc., have been selling properties in the Vero Beach area for decades and know the market better than anyone.

Buyers: One of the most important values that buyers should look for is knowledge of the marketplace. Introducing you to the communities and neighborhoods that best suit your lifestyle is key. It also means knowing market trends to give you an advantage in making offers and negotiations. A good agency can also give you advice on amenities of the community like: area doctors, banks, churches, schools and much more.

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