Crime alert from the Martin County Sheriff

Crime alert from the Martin County Sheriff

Martin County, Fl (  The Martin County Sheriff has issues a Crime alert.

From the Sheriff:

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office is investigating two cases of distraction burglaries that occurred yesterday to condominium/villa owners on Hutchinson Island. (Plantation Road and Anglers Cove) We are asking everyone to pay close attention to this particular type of crime, as we expect these and other similar traveling thieves to strike again. Here’s how they work.
The thieves will knock on your door or approach you disguised as a utility worker, tree trimmer, property adjuster or similar. They will be wearing clothing that makes them seem legitimate, like orange safety vests or uniforms, they may have a vehicle that looks similar to a work truck, and they are very personable (which is part of the con). The thief will convince you to walk outside of your home, or distract you long enough where a second or third thief enters your home and steals jewelry, heirlooms, cash and smaller items of value. This crime happens quickly and you may not notice you have been victimized for hours.
If someone you are not expecting comes to your door claiming they are doing work for you, a neighbor, the building, or the community, and they are attempting to distract you with conversation or by claiming they need to show you something outside, close the door and call 911. If they leave in a hurry, try to get a vehicle description and a tag if it’s safe to do so.
A legitimate company will not be worried about speaking to us.
These traveling criminals typically set up shop in Florida during the winter months and often target seniors. It is not unusual for women to be part of these criminal organizations. This happens at condominiums, apartments and single family homes.
If you have any doubt, questions or concerns about an uninvited guest coming to your home, call us immediately and we will be happy to come speak with them. Do not let them distract you or convince you to step outside of your home.
Remember to keep your security cameras activated and home alarms on.
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