Crews Continue Trying to Remove Ship From St. Lucie Inlet

Treasure Coast Local Business

Treasure Coast Local Business

Crews continue to work to pull a ship out of the water that has been stuck since last week off the St Lucie Inlet.

On Monday, divers used a crane to remove equipment and cargo from the first deck. They will begin working on removing cargo from the second deck today.

Coast guard officials say 75% of the boat has been cleared.

The Endeavour has been in the inlet since it ran aground in shallow water last Monday. The crew was rescued but as the boat took on water, fuel spilled into the waterways.

The Coast Guard says it’s unknown right now how much fuel was lost.

Officials say once the boat is removed, it’ll be towed to the American Custom Yachts’ marina. The county will then pay to have it removed. They estimate it could cost between twenty and thirty thousand dollars.

County officials say a Broward County woman owns the boat.

The say they reached out to her but she has directed them to her attorney.

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