Couple Face More Than 80 Counts of Sexual Battery on a Child

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A couple accused of sexually abusing a teen relative as a sex slave are back in jail on new charges.

Rob and Marie Johnson face more than 80 counts of sexual battery on a child.

Police arrested the couple last month on two counts of sexual battery when the girl told investigators the Johnsons abused her from when she was 13 until she turned 18. The victim told detectives she moved in with the couple after her mother died in Colorado.

Rob Johnson is a cousin of the girl’s mother. The girl said the couple told her she’d have to have sex with them to become part of the family.

The girl claimed the couple did not allow her to go to school or use the phone, and that Rob Johnson used the Bible to justify his actions and gave her a ring to show she belonged to him.

The girl is now 21 and living in Indiana.

Rob and Marie Johnson posted bail after their initial arrest.

Bond for the couple is now set at more than $21 million each.

They are being held at the St. Lucie County Jail.

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