Controversial Video in Harrouff Case to be released

Controversial Video in Harrouff Case to be released

The controversial video interview between the Dr. Phil Show and face-biting double murder suspect Austin Harrouff, that never made TV, must be released to the media by Tuesday morning. A judge made the ruling after an emergency hearing this past  Friday afternoon.

Judge Lawrence Mirman ruled in favor of the media. He said that face-biting suspect Austin Harrouff’s never before seen video interview with Dr. Phil can be released. Attorneys on behalf of WPTV filed a motion to have his interview released last week.

The teen  was ordered to appear in court along with his counsel. The Dr. Phil Show interviewed the  suspect in his hospital room after the violent attack on a Tequesta couple.

Harrouff is facing first-degree murder charges in the deaths of John Stevens and Michelle Mishcon at their southern Martin County home on Aug. 15

Update 2/29

After multiple appeals, video of the Austin Harrouff interview with Dr. Phil is set to be released to the media later this morning.

Harrouff’s defense team filed multiple motions and appeals to try and prevent the video’s release, claiming that Austin wasn’t of sound mind and didn’t know that he was being recorded. But criminal defense attorney Michael Salnick said the defense was fighting an uphill battle.

Harrouff spoke with the Dr. Phil show from his hospital bed. CBS12 released a portion of that interview.

The interview is scheduled to be released later this morning and the full interview will air Thursday afternoon at 4pm on CBS12.

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