Congressman Mast pushing for more info on glioblastoma cases

Congressman Mast pushing for more info on glioblastoma cases

St. Lucie County, Fl- There is a new push from Congressman Brian Mast to get additional information about the local number of glioblastoma cases in St. Lucie County. Glioblastoma is a rare and deadly form of brain cancer. Dozens of people have been diagnosed within the county in recent years. Last month, the state’s cancer registry was expected to release more recent numbers of glioblastoma diagnoses in St. Lucie County, but that didn’t happen. The state has only released the number of cases up to 2015.

Mast sent a letter to the state’s cancer registry and local health department officials, asking them to expedite the numbers for 2016 and 2017. He says delaying the release of the numbers delays letting families know whether or not there is a cancer cluster. The Congressman says the federal government is willing to provide technical assistance for researching local glioblastoma concerns, but he says the state health department has not requested help.

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