Congrats to Mike Meier the new mayor of Stuart

Stuart, Fl ( We just heard that Mike Meier will be the new mayor of Stuart. Congratulations. We are looking forward to the official press release.

We would also like to thank Becky Bruner for the great job she did as Mayor this past year.

Update from Mike Meier

Last night, during the annual commission reorganization where Mayorship and Vice Mayorship rotate along the board, I was appointed Mayor for the next year. Vice Mayor Eula Clarke said that she could not take on the role of Mayor this time for personal reasons and moved to appoint me Mayor in her place. I urged her to reconsider, but she insisted.

It may be a bit unorthodox, yes, but with support from the majority of the board, I am honored to represent this great little city in which my grandmother, my mother, and I all grew up. I will continue to champion a vision for the future and serve our residents, businesses, and visitors with diligence, respect, and open-mindedness.

I hope to serve with as much heart and bravery as our previous Mayor, Becky Bruner. Much thanks to Becky for her hard work over the past year.

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