Child brings loaded assault rifle to Stuart gas station

Child brings loaded assault rifle to Stuart gas station

Stuart, Fl- A 7-year old brought an AK-style rifle to a Stuart gas station. It happened Sunday night.

Sheriff’s deputies were called to the Mobil gas station on Dixie Highway in Stuart. This was after an employee found a rifle with three rounds in it. A deputy took the rifle, and then responded to another call in the same area about a burglary.

A 20-year old man said his rifle had been stolen. He said it matched the description of the rifle found at the gas station. Originally, the man’s 7-year old cousin said that a white man dressed in all white and driving a white car came into the home and took the rifle. But the child later admitted to deputies that he took it out of his cousin’s closet and took it to the gas station, where he left it. Deputies returned the rifle to the man and instructed him to better secure the weapon.



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  • Posted 6 years ago

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