Beware of Fake Ride Share Drivers

Beware Of Fake Ride Share Drivers.

West Palm Beach– Rideshare riders beware. The Better Business Bureau is warning that scammers are posing as rideshare drivers and tricking travelers out of big bucks at airports across the country. The BBB says scammers are pretending to work for Uber or Lyft, telling travelers they’re their driver. Then once the passenger gets to their destination the scam driver demands an excessive amount of money.

Several Airports in the US including Fort Lauderdale have specifics zones for rideshare pickup, so security can stay alert. However, PBIA does not. So the BBB says be extra careful.

The BBB offers several tips to make sure that you stay safe and avoid the scam. Uber and Lyft will tell you the make and model of the car coming for you, and will also use GPS to show you in real time where your car is located and how far away it is. You’ll also have the car’s license plate number, and the name and a picture of the driver. Make sure that the info from the app matches with the car picking you up.

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