Beware of Coyotes in Martin County

Beware of Coyotes in Martin County

Bring in your pets, pet food and secure your garbage.

coyote in florida

coyote in florida


Experts are warning pet owners in Martin County to keep a close eye on their animals. The Martin County Sheriff’s Office says coyote sightings have gone up significantly in the past year.

Increase in coyotes having babies, a decrease in food and turtle nesting season. Turtle eggs are a food source. Unless they feel threatened or cornered they will run away.

They are know for hunting smaller animals and for your pets that can be life threatening.

Coyotes do not have a natural predator here and that is one of the reasons they are flourishing.

PS After all the construction on the Langford Landings site there were many coyotes wandering around Rio and the Jensen Heights area with many people saying their cats had disappeared.

What can you do?
Keep pets and pet food inside and keep your trash cans closed.


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