Barricaded subject taken into custody by CRT

Barricaded subject taken into custody by CRT

On July 14th, at approximately 7pm, Vero Beach Police Department received a 911 Call where a female was heard screaming in the background. The dispatch plotted the call to 925 16th Place and multiple officers responded to investigate. Upon arrival, the officers made contact with a female and a 7 year-old child outside of the residence. The female advised that her live-in boyfriend, Juan Antonio Dominguez, physically assaulted her and was not letting her leave the house. The victim described that when she came into the bedroom to wake Dominguez up for dinner, he pushed her away. He then got up, threw the victim on the bed and punched her face several times. Dominguez was yelling “I’m going to kill you!” as he squeezed his hands around the victim’s neck, cutting off her air supply. At this time, the victim’s son started crying and Dominguez left the bedroom.


The female tried to grab her son and run out of the front door, but Dominguez stood in front of the door and did not let her leave. The victim tried to hold her foot between the door and the frame, but Dominguez slammed it closed several times, causing bruising and lacerations. Dominguez then grabbed the victim’s cell phone and smashed it on the floor. The victim ran into the living room, where she grabbed Dominguez’s cell phone and dialed 911. She took her son and ran out of the back door of the house. Dominguez chased her to the side of the house, threw her down, and slammed her head on the ground. He then took back his cell phone and retreated back inside the residence.


VBPD Critical Response Team

The victim advised law enforcement that Dominguez stated that he will kill her or the officers responding if the police are called. Dominguez refused to open the door for responding officers. The officers were unable to establish any contact with the male inside the house. At approximately 9:40pm, VBPD Critical Response Team was called out and responded to the scene. CRT made entry and apprehended Juan Dominguez without further incident at 11:49pm. Dominguez was arrested and charged with Felony Battery by Strangulation (Domestic Violence) and Felony False Imprisonment. Juan A. Dominguez is currently held in Indian River County Jail in lieu of a $15,000 bond.

Department of Children and Families was contacted and relayed information on this incident.

July 17, 2017

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