Auto Burglar arrested in Martin County

Auto Burglar arrested in Martin County

Martin County,FLA -A man linked to multiple auto burglaries was captured in the act.

A man recently released from a Florida prison is back in jail this morning. His streak of auto burglaries came to a halt in the Willoughby Cove Community overnight.

A call of a suspicious person in the parking lot of Willoughby Cove started the chain of events beginning at 2:01 a.m. MCSO Air One Pilot, Deputy Sean Marston, who was watching from the air, was able to lead ground units directly to 39-year old Scott Board. Board had already pulled on the handles of at least 15-vehicles parked in the community parking lot.

Burglary surveillance teams were already on the ground waiting for this serial burglar to strike again. This was following a week of crimes which took place in Martin Crossings, Hibiscus Park and communities in Hobe Sound. Once midnight shift deputies and detectives surrounded the development, they moved in on Board, who was taken down in the parking lot.

Scott Board, who lives on the 10000 block of SE Federal Highway, in Hobe Sound, was released from Prison in October. Beard served time for multiple property crimes. He is facing a number of burglary and attempted burglary charges.

If you live in any of the developments listed, and you were a victim but did not file a report. You are asked to call the Martin County Sheriff’s Office to do so. MCSO wants to thank you If you provided  exterior video footage of the suspect in your community.  They would also like to encourage anyone with exterior cameras to sign up for the MCSO Eye Watch program.

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