Aggressive dog shot, killed after attacking Martin County woman

Aggressive dog shot, killed after attacking Martin County woman.

Authorities say they were forced to kill a dog after it viciously attacked a woman in Stuart.

The Martin County Sheriff  said  the dog seriously injured the woman during the attack on Matousek Street.

At 5:15 this morning Martin County Sheriffs department received a call via 911 saying that somebody was being attacked by a dog. 

When the deputies arrived the woman had managed to crawl into her screen room. The dog with described as 100 pound American bulldog who was in the yard acting very aggressive, according to Sheriff Snyder.

The victim was screaming for help and begged the deputies to shoot the dog.

The dog tried to prevent the deputies from going in the house.

The deputy used his shotgun and shot the dog.

The victim had multiple puncture all over her body and a compound fracture.

The dog belonged to the victim son.

The victim said she was taking the dog for a walk and it went to chase a rabbit and then turned on her.

A neighbor said he try to get the dog away from the victim but was unsuccessful. He then called 911.

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