Adopt Pepper! Pet of the Week!

Adopt Pepper! Pet of the Week!

This 3.5-year-old pup has been at our shelter since May of 2019 when her owner surrendered Pepper because of her severe anxiety. Since she came to us in May, Pepper’s anxiety has worsened. After attempting to hurt herself, Pepper was prescribed anti-anxiety medication. Since then, our shelter has tried everything in our capability to help alleviate Pepper’s anxiety, including: multiple kinds of anti-anxiety medications; behavior training; lots of human companionship; calming music; and thunder jackets. We even reached out to other rescue groups who might be able to provide more for her.

Pepper’s medications are no longer as effective as they were months ago, and her anxiety is worsening. We are running out of options for Pepper to live a healthy and happy life. It is NOT HUMANE to maintain her current status, and we are DESPERATE for someone to step up and give Pepper the level of attention she needs to thrive in this world, whether that’s in the form of adoption, fostering, or rescuing by another animal welfare group.

Pepper is a 56.5 pound Terrier/Pit Bull mix. When her anxiety is managed, she enjoys playing with food puzzle toys, going for long walks, and snuggling. Pepper seems to be house-trained, and even lived well with cats in her previous home. We don’t have information about how she lives with other dogs. Pepper does not show signs of aggression towards other people, that we have observed at our shelter anyway. However, her previous owner did report that Pepper would get sometimes overly protective of her owner in the form of growling and barking.

We hope to find an owner for Pepper who is available to be with her most of the time and who, ideally, has advanced experience in or knowledge of dog behavior. Because of how rambunctious she can get, we do not recommend she lives with children. Pepper’s adoption fee is generously sponsored by Dolly’s Dream AND she comes with a bunch of extra goodies to help her adjust to her new home, including a FREE 6-week obedience class!

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