9-1-1 calls released in Florida Club shooting

9-1-1 calls released in Florida Club shooting

Martin County, Fl – Last Sunday a father shot his son to death at the Florida Club. This happened during a violent episode between the two brothers.

Sheriff’s Deputies were sent to a home on Bromelia Terrace early Sunday morning, located in the Florida Club near Stuart.

They responded to call  at 5:47 am on Sunday, Dec 16. The call was from a woman saying her son was out of control and needed to be Baker Acted.

Then she called back to say her husband shot her son during a violent altercation with him and her young son

The altercation involved two brothers- James Maloney and Joseph Maloney. The parents John and Marie Maloney were present. According to the witnesses  John Maloney had been acting irrational for about 8 hours. The brothers were also consuming alcohol throughout the evening. Then a physical alteration began over a game of pool and then it became violent.

The father said he intervened verbally but was unable to get John off of James. At one point,James pleaded with John to stop choking him because he could not breath. John continued to strangle James while holding a butterfly knife in his other hand. At this point James was beginning to  to loose consciousness.  The father shot his son John multiple times.

The father believed that the use of force was to prevent further injury to his young son.

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