79-year-old PSL woman and her dog Bailey attacked by honey bees

79-year-old PSL woman and her dog Bailey attacked by honey bees

Port St. Lucie, Fl (treasurecoast.com)- On December 27, 2019 at around 11:04 am, police went to the 700 Block of SW Cashmere Boulevard, (just south of Sunlight Christian Academy) for reports of a seventy-nine-year-old woman who was attacked by honey bees. Police learned the woman was walking her dog Bailey. Then, she passed by a beehive (located in the bushes) and was immediately attacked by several bees. It appears the beehive had been in its location a few days with several thousand honey bees.

The woman was stung approximately twenty times in the face and hands. An unknown male stopped and helped the woman get away from the bees. He  left immediately as police arrived because he had a plane to catch.  Rescue responded and transported the woman to a local hospital for treatment.

Officers later checked on the woman’s medical status and learned she was going to be fine. Animal Control responded for Bailey and police learned Bailey too was fine after being stung a few times by the bees. A local Trapper responded to the scene to relocate the beehive. Port St. Lucie Police urge if anyone comes in contact with a large swarm or hive of bees, call a licensed bee removal professional and if you get stung, seek medical attention.

PSLPD sends a SPECIAL THANKS to the man who stopped to help the women swarmed by the bees.

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