4 Ways to Avoid Obesity and Diabetes

Avoid Obesity and Diabetes

Avoid Obesity and Diabetes

4 ways to avoid obesity and diabetes that have nothing to do with dieting

By: Bob Livingston

There is a growing body of evidence that two of the main health threats people are facing today — obesity and diabetes — are linked to exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs).

Known EDCs include bisphenol A (BPA), which is found in the linings of food cans and on cash register receipts, and phthalates, which are found in plastics, cosmetics flame retardants (as used on clothing and bedding) and in pesticides. These EDCs have been connect4ed to infertility, hormone-related cancers, neurological issues and other health problems.

But their link to obesity and diabetes is the focus of a scientific statement issued by the Endocrine Society last month. According to the statement, which is based on years of research into EDCs, these chemicals are so common that every person on Earth has been exposed to one or more of them. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology states that EDC exposure is costing the EU $209 billion a year in healthcare expenses and lost productivity.

It’s even likely that much of the obesity epidemic today can be traced to prenatal exposure to ECDs. In the U.S., more than one-third of the population is obese and more than 29 million people suffer from diabetes.

Animal studies found that exposure to tiny amounts of the chemicals in utero leads to obesity later in life. Similar animal studies found that EDCs target cells in the pancreas, fat cells and liver cells, leading to insulin resistance and an overabundance of insulin production by the body.

To combat the problem, the Endocrine Society calls for:

  • Additional research to more directly infer cause-and-effect relationships between EDC exposure and health conditions.
  • Regulation to ensure that chemicals are tested for endocrine activity, including at low doses, prior to being permitted for use.
  • Calling upon “green chemists” and other industrial partners to create products that test for and eliminate potential EDCs.
  • Education for the public and policymakers on ways to keep EDCs out of food, water and the air, as well as ways to protect unborn children from exposure.

There are many studies out now linking EDCs to health problems. I wrote about one earlier this year in “Hidden chemicals make you fatter.”

Bottom line is, if you are eating organic whole foods and are still dealing with weight gain or a have middle that’s softer than you’d like, it’s more than likely that EDCs are a contributing factor, if not the cause. Take these steps:

  1. Avoid water bottled in plastics; and if you drink filtered water, determine whether the filtration system contains any BPA.
  2. Avoid canned foods.Most are of these cans are lined with plastic.
  3. Ditch your nonstick cookware and plastic utensils and cook with cast iron and/or stainless cookware.
  4. You may also want to consider cleansing these toxins from you body. There are several ways to do this, some more intense than others. For more information on cleansing, click here.



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