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Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum

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Found on the north side of the Jupiter Inlet, the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse site was selected in 1853 and opened in 1860. The Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse was one of six projects in Florida handled by the famous Lieutenant George Gordon who defeated Robert E. Lee at the Battle of Gettysburg.

Jupiter Lighthouse stands at 108 feet in height and is made of an eye-catching red brickwork. The Jupiter Inlet has a reputation for treacherous water and the lighthouse played its part by guiding ships safely through. The only time the lighthouse hasn’t been lit was during the Civil War when Confederate sympathizers disabled it. While dark during the war, it was relighted on June 28, 2866.

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum provides exhibits that cover over 5000 years of history for the region. Having witnessed various phases of Florida’s history, the lighthouse offers artifacts and educational displays on the Seminole War, pioneer settlements, the Civil War, the lighthouse itself, the lives of the lighthouse keepers, and other maritime activities of the area.

Guided tours are offered regularly, including a climbing tour to the top where you can enjoy panoramic views of the Inlet and landscape nearby. These tours offer up a glimpse into the operational aspects of the lighthouse and its history.

Throughout the year they offer more events and programs like workshops, lectures, and family activities. Surrounding the lighthouse is the Outstanding Natural Area (ONA), 120 acres that were designated by Congress in 2008 for the preservation and protection of key resources found there.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum

You can climb to the top of the 108-foot tower via the 105 steps. You can climb these steps on the Tower Trip Tour. The stairs spiral around inside the tower with three landings interspersed.

In order to safely climb the tower stairs children need to be at least 48” tall.

The official tour that allows you to climb to the top takes around 60 minutes. It’s popular to time the tour so you can watch the sunset from the top.

Originally made from natural brick, the humidity and sea air discolored the bricks. Around 1910, it was decided to paint the bricks red.


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